A selection of full written employment and character testimonials from previous clients and employers. References available on LinkedIn, potential referee details available on request.

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“Charlotte has been extremely helpful freelancing for us. Her work is always delivered on time if not early, and she clearly holds herself to an extremely high standard. Charlotte has shown herself to be capable of any work we put her way, and is always enthusiastic and friendly. She is very detail-oriented and picks up new projects very quickly, whilst still being willing to ask follow-up questions when necessary. Charlotte has worked on many of our projects in capacities such as proofreading; copy editing; language checking and editing; and general editorial admin. She is one of the department’s key contacts for any freelance work.”

Jennifer Grene (Client)

Higher Education Commissioning Editor, Cengage Learning EMEA 2015


“Charlotte joined the team at a particularly busy time when a number of titles were in Development and required hands-on editing and proofreading. Charlotte proved herself to be a vital member of the team, working well under pressure to meet tight publishing deadlines. She threw herself into complex editorial tasks including writing marketing copy and back cover blurb, editing and proofreading book proofs and manuscript files and completing detailed market research projects. Charlotte quickly became a popular and dependable member of the office. Her sharp eye for detail and can-do attitude are impressive and I would have no hesitation recommending Charlotte for similar editorial roles.”

Claire Napoli (Manager)

Development Editor, Cengage Learning EMEA 2013




“I have had the privilege of working with Charlee on some amazing projects and in that time I have known Charlee to be a well-grounded, exceptional co-worker and colleague. She is realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note to the more acute details. I found this to be incredibly valuable in working with her, as it allows her (and for those who work with her) the ability to explore and understand nearly all possible perspectives to an idea and its numerous applications. She is a passionate and smart worker with down-to-earth personality and value creator in the truest sense.”

Deny Setiyadi (Co-worker)

Web designer & NGO Professional, AHHA Education 2015


From day one of her arrival at SOLS Cambodia Charlee showed great enthusiasm to get stuck right into the project. Due to the nature of the marketing department being new there were many changes and rapid developments during the initial setup stages. Charlee showed her great qualities of flexibility and pro-activeness to take on responsibilities during this period. It was clear from the first week that Charlee possessed excellent written communication ability from her early blog posts of activities in the school. She showed creativity and leadership qualities during her planning and execution of a large – scale marketing campaign at a national conference. Here she used marketing tools she had designed to great effect in attracting conference participants to inquire about our educational services. She also coordinated a team of 60 Cambodian academy students during this event. Charlee’s expertise in social media and blogging were a massive help to the organisation. The result of improvements in these areas has been a large factor in the recent increase in volunteer applications. Charlee really shone when assigned the task of managing the setup of a new organisation website. She made plans which she could communicate clearly. She wrote excellent content and was able to harmonise well with her team members on this project. The only proof of ability is results: Charlee was able to execute these plans professionally and with dedication. It was a great achievement that this project was completed in a short period of time to a very high standard.”

George Marsden (Manager)

Management Board, Educational NGO, AHHA Education 2015


“Charlee was responsible for the marketing and website content for our business. She was a pleasure to work with and always had original ideas for our projects. I would not hesitate to recommend her in this field.”

Jen Castle, (Client at Damteq)

Group Manager, LaserVision UK 2014


“Charlee wrote many articles on behalf of LaserVision and we found her to be very creative, and forward thinking. Her work was exceptional and always written to a very high standard. I would have no hesitations in recommending her to future clients.”

Rakesh Jayaswal (Client at Damteq)

Founder & Director, LaserVision UK 2014


Joining such a new and small company is a challenge for anyone. Charlee joined Damteq as its first full time employee and brought with her a forward-thinking attitude and work ethic better than I ever expected. Giving Charlee lists of tasks within a week of joining, Charlee proactively managed her own time, contributing massively to the business from every angle, constantly thinking outside the box to improve not only our own marketing strategy, but also our clients. Joining such a small business it can feel daunting working so closely to the company director, however Charlee broke the ‘awkward silence’ straight away by coming up with ideas to improve our communication which was fantastic, these procedures are still helping the business today. Throughout Charlee’s time at Damteq she completed projects on time and never failed to add that needed creative touch where appropriate. With a world class writing skill, I still get feedback from our clients today about how fantastic Charlee’s work was. I would highly recommend Charlee to any potential employer as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with any project, regardless of whether she is personally interested in it or not.

Adam Smith (Manager)

Founder & Managing Director, Damteq Agency 2013


“Fantastic member of the team – smart, switched on and can turn around tasks with professionalism and initiative. Charlee’s research and writing was a very strong asset to our team and in fact, as starting out as one of three simultaneous hires that had the least experience, within weeks she actually ended up outperforming the others – a great testament to her ability and intelligence.”

Dan Evans (Manager)

Senior Marketing Executive, Graduate Recruitment Bureau 2012


“Charlee started and continued to be a key member of our team from the first day. Her approach was unique in such a way that she would recognise opportunities that no one else was capable of. I was able to approach Charlee regularly with confidence knowing that she would not only be happy to help but her help would be of the highest standard demonstrating a real eye for detail. Not only was Charlee’s work tremendous, I would recommend her with the upmost confidence in knowing that she will be successful in anything she puts her hand to!”

Laurence Chandler (Co-worker)

Marketing Assistant, Graduate Recruitment Bureau 2012


“Charlee was able to make a huge difference in a short space of time working on SEO projects in the Marketing Department because she is intelligent, quick learning and a strong team player.”

Dan Hawes (Manager)

Co-founder & Marketing Director, Graduate Recruitment Bureau 2012




“Charlotte has developed exceptionally in all her skills over the past year. This development was recognized by the Students’ Union – Charlotte was nominated for Volunteer of the Year 2011 due to her ongoing commitment and consistency in volunteering for the front reception desk. She is approachable, positive and the Students’ Union is so grateful for all her hard work. I would highly recommend Charlotte for any future employment.”

Samreen Faria (Manager)

Union Volunteer Co-ordinator, University of Sussex Student Union 2011


“Charlee Owen spent two weeks in the pr department at Headline Publishing, and impressed the team with her efficiency and professionalism. She seized every opportunity we gave her, and approached each task with enthusiasm and care. I would recommend her for any position, and she would thrive in a busy working environment.”

Samantha Eades (Manager)

Publicity Manager, Headline Publishing Group 2011


“Charlee was here between March and April 2011. She was a keen and hardworking employee with a lot of passion and ambition. Able to undertake any given task with ease, she completed vox pops, feature research and wrote for heatworld.com our online site. A clear team player with a friendly aptitude, she became part of our office and really proved herself in the short time she was here. She would be an asset to any employer.”

Giselle Wainwright (Manager)

Editorial Assistant, Heat magazine, Bauer Media 2011




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