Guest Blog for How a Gap Year can Improve your Career Prospects

A guest post written for Taking a Gap Year for the Future

Finally set free from lifelong education I’m still in that generational state of shock: when your whole life unreels itself before you, with only a few dubious signs pointing you in the right direction. Although ambitious for my career, I still can’t help but set my sights slightly off course just a little longer. Surely one or two years out of the next 50 years won’t do too much harm? If anything it’s more likely to save the hassle of a career break or put off the dreaded mid-life crisis, right?


But what about all the work experience I’ve just worked hard for during my studies? Will it start to lose value as time passes by? Not that sorting post and photocopying paperwork wasn’t incredibly insightful but I’m not sure I’m that keen to repeat it all right from scratch.

Meanwhile, all this um-ing and ah-ing hasn’t gone amiss as I was lucky enough to be offered a guest post article for – how I plan to have the time of my life, but keep the ball rolling for the important stuff when I touch back down in the UK.

Take a look & I hope it helps give some inspiration on how a gap year can both improve and complement your career prospects without holding you back on that (usually) inevitable return.

Read the article here: Taking a Gap Year for the Future


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