Press Release: 100 Graduates A Day Hired (GRB)

Draft of Press release written on behalf of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau

The facts are indisputable. The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) found that a huge 39,470 graduates launched their career at the hands of a recruitment service. This is a 31% increase since 2009; right behind applying directly to an employer’s website, but still way ahead of university careers services and newspaper or magazine advertisements put together (totalling just 23,775).

This current success is down to the versatility of recruitment companies, which encompass the most important aspects of each individual service. This provides that ever important boost for the struggling jobseeker, particularly the graduate generation in 2012. It appears that students especially are putting more faith in services which have previously been written off, often based on misconceptions of temporary or office-dominated jobs, rather than long-term career prospects. Grasping for any help available to them, a refreshing perspective is emerging for this contemporary channel of communication, directly linking graduates to a diverse range of high-flying, respected employers which they would otherwise have to tackle alone.

Previously put off by expectations of irrelevant job recommendations, “spammy” emails and a general lack of knowledge surrounding the industry, they are now increasingly attracted to the prospect of gaining a competitive edge, fuelled by specialist advice from experts with a wealth of information to guide them. They are also pleasantly surprised that such a vast range of opportunities and consultancy are so readily available free of charge. For this reason, many are using it as a solid insurance mechanism, taken up alongside various other job-hunting mediums.

GRBThe figures speak for themselves and these trends certainly seem to be catching on. Statistics show networking is the only other employment method to exceed it, with 61,530 graduates moving on through in-house promotions and 46,165 others gaining jobs through personal contacts like family and friends or professional networks. Those who lack these blend back into the 9,405 masses making speculative applications, with similar routes still not meeting the same level of popularity as recruitment.

As the job market changes, so do job-seeking tactics. The most successful approach requires a blend of the old and the new. Reaching out through social networking and recruitment experts in equal measure will keep graduates at the forefront of the jobs market. Meanwhile, with 100 graduates being placed through recruitment companies every day, there certainly seems to be a bright future ahead, both for the economy and the next generation who will help maintain its future.


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