Press Article: The Graduate Without a Future – Says who??

After working here a few months and gaining a far better understanding of the jobs market, graduate career prospects and invaluable experience for my own CV I’m feeling pretty confident about moving up in the world. A 2.1 in English Language at a decent university, work experience coming out of my ears and an abundance of personal ambition to succeed… things aren’t looking so bad.


Then I came across The Guardian’s recent video broadcast entitled “Graduate class of 2012: A 2:1 just won’t cut it anymore“.  GRB’s company director was interviewed and now that prospects for grads are starting to improve slightly I was expecting to see a few tough truths but a bit of motivation and encouragement to keep at it. Seven minutes later I was instead borderline irate, watching an intense negative spin on everything from depressing 2012 grad profiles to pouring the dregs of a coffee cup down the drain.

Although this chosen stance is intertwined within a few rambling nothings from ‘real life grads’, it is the atmosphere of doom and gloom which hit me the hardest. Not only did their overall approach to the issue deliberately demoralise, they shun the entire humanities discipline as destined to work in recruitment – the one industry sector standing up to interview with attempts to change the situation rather than sit and complain about it. Meanwhile, the consultants are subtly implied to be working a call centre job and honestly the list goes on.

This is just one contribution to an entire online series entitled ‘the graduate without a future’. Excuse me? Below are two links to articles I have had published in response via the GRB news feed this morning. Please take a look and take time to share it with the relevant people. Although I’m not naive enough to think its going to be an easy ride, I simply disagree with the unsubtle scaremongering for readership value over such a sensitive issue. If anything I’ll make sure my future is twice as bright.

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