Guest post Writing: From Student to Graduate to..?

After a hectic few weeks finishing my degree & starting my new job I have been helping to write & publish articles across a few different sites on behalf of the company Graduate Recruitment Bureau. They specialise in finding and placing students into graduate jobs. As Marketing Assistant, the role provides me some great opportunities to work with a wealth of career advice, employment statistics and professional interviews for publications all over the web. Each time one get’s published, I will update this post to keep them all in one place:

I Got a 2:2 – am I doomed?

You’ve spent hours and hours on endless dissertation waffle, waded through some gruesome deadlines and invested a considerable amount of procrastination throughout critical exam periods. Now graduation day is approaching, so what happens if you get a 2:2 after all that hard work? Read More…

Racial & Gender Discrimination in Graduate Recruitment

In this day and age nobody expects to pay thousands of pounds to set themselves apart with a degree that reflects their intelligence, commitment and ambition, only to be knocked back because of their race or gender. However this appears to still be the case, as unpublished statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency come to light. Read More…

The Profile of a Successful Marketing Graduate

As with many industries, marketing is a fast-expanding sector with increasing appeal for graduates who can relate to its contemporary, dynamic approach to business strategy. This inevitably leads to fierce competition and with universities bombarding students with courses of questionable value it begs the question, what is actually valuable when it comes down to applying for graduate jobs in the marketing industry? Read More..

The Road to Recruitment

Dan Hawes is Co-founder and Marketing Director of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau.  He tells Charlotte Owen how he created his business from scratch, building it into one of the UK’s leading specialist graduate recruitment consultancies. “Setting out as a humble Business graduates and unsatisfied with the prospects available to us, a fellow graduate and I began to develop a graduate recruitment company. Our concept of matching graduates with employers was the first of its kind over 15 years ago and soon began to snowball, building up our successful company, GRB.”  Read More..

Top Tips to make it through the Daily Slog

We’ve all had one of those days. After most of us spend (at least) three years thoroughly detaching ourselves from the parental apron-strings, suddenly having to surrender a lunchtime lie in for a 7am start – not to mention the once-gruelling 8 hour study week becoming an 8 hour day, it’s all just a bit of a shock right? We hate to break it to you but keeping your mind sharp throughout the working day is a challenge for anyone, and its unlikely to get any easier once you pass the entry-level stage. Here are some top tips to get you through the daily slog… Read More..

Life is Tweet: Graduate Jobs at your Fingertips

Many see Twitter as a place for a bit of casual celebrity stalking, micro-blogging their day-to-day lives and occasionally begging for a retweet from their childhood hero; but many underestimate its potential for networking opportunities. You may not be a tweetaholic just yet but everyone likes a new follower and it doesn’t take a minute to search for some potential graduate recruiters or companies advertising graduate jobs. There’s no telling who is occasionally scanning down these lists on the lookout for some fresh talent. Read more..

How GRB – a graduate recruitment company engages with graduates using social media

Today’s post is a guest post from the guys down at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau (GRB) in Brighton. They are a consultancy specifically for graduates, students and interns looking for a new job. They knew that social media was going to become a huge part of their attraction and engagement strategy, so they did something about it. Read more..

Why do Graduates Fall at the first hurdle?

One detrimental mistake on your CV can mean make or break for job seekers and with graduates being ever-“doomed” by the media, it has never been more important to get it right. The specialist consultants at Graduate Recruitment Bureau have daily access to thousands of CVs and with so many different opinions on how it should be done it can be difficult to know where to start. One thing is for certain though, first impressions are everything and if you have to hand over a scrap of A4 to summarise your entire life achievements then it had better be a good one. Read more..

How doomed are graduates in 2012?

If you’ve been following media headlines recently you would be forgiven for thinking the fresh faced graduates of 2012 are slogging their way down the road to minimum wage rather than the high-flying career success they’ve always dreamed of. So, with the doors to student accommodation firmly closing behind them what’s the reality of graduate employment prospects? Read more..

100 Graduates a day hired

The facts are indisputable. The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) found that a huge 39,470 graduates launched their career at the hands of a recruitment service last year which equates to over 100 graduates securing work each day through recruitment agencies alone. This is a 31% increase since 2009; right behind directly applying to an employer’s website, but still way ahead of university careers services and newspaper or magazine advertisements put together (totalling just 23,775). Read more…

The Dreaded Telephone Interview & How to Conquer It

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Telephone interviews can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a first timer applying for graduate jobs. Not to mention if you get caught out in your pajamas watching X Factor reruns with a mouth full of pot noodle. But, with enough confidence and preparation (and preferably muting Simon Cowell’s latest victims) these don’t have to be as gruelling as you might think. Read more…

Is your body language speaking more than you in an interview?

If you aren’t a little nervous on entering a job interview then it might be worth questioning how much you really want it. Nerves show that the opportunity means a lot to you and that you want to get it right, something many employers will be fully aware of (however much they let you squirm). But it’s still important to make sure these nerves don’t conceal the true passion you have for the job – or worse, distract from it. Read more

From Part-time to Professional: Top tips for graduate level CVs University of Salford Manchester

Applying for a graduate job will often be the first time you construct a professional impression of yourself. Whether aiming for postgraduate education or entry level employment, the CV approach is a far stretch from the casual work many are used to. Steve Agace, Associate Director at the Graduate Recruitment Bureau shares his insight into making sure the limelight is shining exactly where you want it. Read More…

To Facebook or not to Facebook: That is the Question

Facebook: one the most controversial employability tools to date. Getting caught with questionable content could mean a fast-track ticket to rejection, but is it worse just to avoid it altogether? The Graduate Recruitment Bureau discusses the latest suggestion that those without a profile might be deemed by employers as socially abnormal and consequentially considered less employable. Read More… 



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