Travelbug: Countries I’ve visited, will visit & why (as if you need to ask!)

2012 is the year I am going to get out there and start striking off my ever growing list of places to go before I settle down & do something ‘productive’ – time to start planning!

EGYPT:Because it looks stunning & the more I looked the more I found I was desperate to go and see.

ICELANDBeen there, loved it. It is incredible. Volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, houses buried in lava rock, endless empty landscape, hot spots & pools, mountains, plate boundaries, sulphur releases, braided streams, erosion in motion – the list goes on & you don’t have to be a geographer to appreciate the sheer immensity this place has to offer. I was lucky enough to notice a geyser erupt which only goes off every 10-15 years, the cascades of waterfalls were overwhelming and the scenery was – for want of a less cliche word – breathtaking.

VENICE: The sinking city – it would be beautiful.

AMSTERDAM:  Visited for site-seeing (promise!) but would like to go to the Anne Frank museum & have yet to sample the night life.

ATHENS: History is not my forte any more but the ruins would be amazing & I’ve heard the new year celebrations are some of the best in the world.

AUSTRALIA: Of course. who doesn’t. Plan to get a working visa & work my way round. Would be great to spend time on an outback ranch & scuba diving is number one priority for the Great Barrier Reef.

PARIS  Done, done & done again. Done all the hot tourist spots time & time again but I’m sure there are still some back alleys with some romantic coffee shops left to sample.

BELGIUM Went there for war related history so both depressing and inspirational. I’m sure it would be different if I returned to explore for leisure.

FIJI:  I plan to live here for a couple of months in the next year or so on a course I’ve chosen. These islands must get a ridiculous amount of tourism & I know the culture will have so much more to offer if I approach it from a different angle.

NEW ZEALAND: Another no brainer. I have family out here too so would be rude not to…

HAWAII: It looks amazing. The film Forgetting Sarah Marshall sold it to me – despite the terrible green screening 😛

DUBLIN: So close to home yet still needs ticking off. Definitely one for the ever-looming hen parties

BULGARIA Went in the summer of 2010. Lovely beaches, wonderfully cheap but still want to explore the mountains 🙂

THE AMAZON RAINFOREST: This one is extremely high on the list but I want to get together a bit of money to make the most of South America & do it properly. Although I’d love to do the trekking and usual stuff I think living there for a bit on a volunteer project or something would also be great.

HONG KONG & TOKYO: Heard great things but again want to save some money.

THAILAND: Yes for all the usual reasons & would like to do it young to embrace the drinking culture (heard there’s a river you can swing across and have to climb out into the various bars nearby in Laos). Also would like to fit it in last on a round trip so I can buy endless handmade souvenirs and get drawn into all the market stalls properly!

THE ALPS  I’ve skied all over The Alps, especially on the French sides – Courcheval and the Three Valleys, La Plagne, La Rochelle, Chamoney etc. but also crosses borders to Italy. I’d love to do a ski season somewhere too 🙂

BARCELONA: Touristy I know but the city would still be beautiful. I’m already planning to do MADRID to visit my friends after graduation so will hopefully be able to hit 2 birds with one stone then 🙂

IBIZA: Another one of those you simply have to do. Want to have enough money to make the most of all the huge clubs though.

THE MALDIVES: Would be beautiful & maybe helping out with a conservation project.

MADAGASCAR: yes please.

LAS VEGAS: An experience of a lifetime. I would be a terrible gambler but a city that never sleeps would be right up my street. Know I would love the energy and pace but of course want to save up loads to come here – as with most of America.


MALIA  Did the crazy girls on tour holiday. Loved it but wouldn’t go back!

SALOU, SPAIN  Amazing place to go for a first holiday – summer of 2008 was fantastically hot, cheesy & full of memories.

THE GRAND CANYON (on horseback): childhood dream: horse ride around it wearing a cowboy hat!

MEXICO: Again, I imagine it dusty, spanish and nostalgic like the old cowboy & indian movies (?!) perhaps I’m thinking of Texas… time to start researching!

MOROCCO: colourful, loud and crazy – would love to descend into market chaos here.

RIO DE JANEIRO: looks colourful, exotic & cultural – right up my street.

YELLOWSTONE: would love to go here, explore the landscape & see the end-of-the-world volcano waiting to happen. Looks like a great place to escape the world & put life back in perspective.


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