What advantages do kids today have over older generations?

When asked what advantage do kids today have over older generations my brain was already buzzing. Well, the obvious answer is the internet of course. I mean older generations probably have a far better sense of family togetherness in conversation, sit down meal times etc. but evolution doesn’t have to always be a terrifying thing.

Many of the elderly are also alone, immobile and stuck in their ways after their families have flown the nest and friends and relatives gradually drift away. They could then, take huge solace from finding on line communities, fresh hobbies and numerous opportunities they can take part in from their own home. Some would argue they may take more comfort in pass times they are more familiar with, yet perhaps those who will be brought up with the internet will be more likely to find they live their retirement in less isolation and loneliness than their ancestors.

The next is a changing perspective. The new generation are becoming more and more open-minded in terms of religion, race, sexuality and gender and although we still have far to go, it is certain youth are being brought up in a far more accepting environment than in the past. Change is more embraced and individuality celebrated in many cultures. The world is becoming smaller & more interconnected which sparks interest in new thinking and freedom of speech. You cannot overlook those who abuse this privilege, but to be brought up in a society more likely to accept your personal choice of lifestyle, allowing your time on earth to become that little bit happier…? It speaks for itself.

The third is travel; on the same basis as the last two points the world is more accessible and cheaper to explore. Although some areas are seen to be ruined by gaudy invasive tourists they also bring national revenue to boost the economy and those who take the time to actively learn, explore and share fresh cultures are at an incomparable level of insight and life experience to the rest of us.

What is the point of the life if not to take in as many of the different beauty, culture and knowledge available to us around the world; and those who know how to respect this do not have to be few and far between. We feel less limited to the self-constructed boundaries that society has ingrained in us. To acknowledge this thought, in my opinion, is progress in itself.

So, food for thought, yet even as I’m writing this I cannot help but realise how hard-wired my brain is into thinking through technology. Yes, the fantastic advantages of fresh opportunities, instant photography & worldwide communication are undeniable, but at the same time you can’t beat flicking through the dying breed of nostalgic photo albums with imperfect exposure and sepia tones; and you cannot ignore the incessant bombarding of branding and media which invade our homes and minds, extending their olive branches much further than they’re welcome. We can only hope that the kids today still live in a generation where they will look back and appreciate the times we sat around the dinner table chatting with our family and playing cards or charades on camping holidays.

Change is inevitable. It is all very well to sit worrying, complaining or yearning for the old days but life is short and nothing lasts forever. Of course it is only a matter of time before the good will turn to greed & overindulgence, but the same scenario litters world history time and time again and we cannot look back with rose-tinted glasses.

Despite everything bad, the world is also breeding people of unspeakable good. As long as you live a life of respect for those around you, appreciation for the genuine beauty in the world and love for the people who care for you, I think you should make the most of every opportunity that comes your way in whatever shape or form. It’s never too late to start living, whatever generation.


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