A book review of “ROOM” by Emma Donoghue

This book is enthralling. Perhaps it’s because I’m intrigued by child psychology and the depth of mental capacity our minds can draw respite from; yet, I can wholeheartedly guarantee that absolutely anybody who reads this book (and everybody should) will be unwittingly torn from their everyday lives to briefly share an experience beyond words, and indeed humanity.

This story speaks through a child’s eyes as a mother and son live through the mysterious confinement of a room. It seizes issues of abduction, incarceration and the impregnation of a 19 year old girl, following an emotive narrative of their escape through her son’s innocent, watchful gaze.

Donoghue herself must have travelled to and from the same harrowing ordeal endless times to relate such a scrupulous balance of suffering and isolation, with the unrequited love and attachment that resolutely carries us through it. Whether an avid reader, language student or simply curious to explore such a stunningly original concept, this book will take you everywhere and nowhere in an instant. Definitely worthy for top of your wish list.


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