Art Review: Rain Princess, by Leonid Afremov

Wow. Just wow. I simply cannot take my eyes off the exceptional use of colour in this painting. Originally created with an oil knife, my thoughts flick to the bright lights of the city, mixing the shimmering reflections of the night into a turbulent cocktail of pace, thrill and emotion.

The sharp aggressive streaking through the colour fiercely depicts the downward onslaught of rain, yet is almost swallowed by the overwhelming vibrancy of human perseverance versus nature. The female figure depicts a being both powerful and alone, in harmonious peace with her surroundings. There is a calmness about this piece, reflecting the complete balance between an unrequited downpour of nature and the incredible illumination of beauty from the artificial human world. Here, they are both one and equal. 

My only critique of this piece would be the title “Rain Princess”, which in my opinion does not wholeheartedly represent the power and intensity shaped within the oil strokes.


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